Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Help (Please!)

Halloween is fast approaching. This week the class made symmetry pumpkins to decorate the classroom. We are now asking for parent volunteers to help with our party on Monday, October 31. After lunch that day students will change into costumes. At 1:00 there will be a parade downtown or around the school if the weather doesn't cooperate. After we will have our party. The class needs parent volunteers to set up and help with the activities. It would also be great if families could send in treats and beverages. Finally, Miss Frank is also looking for party activity ideas. Parents, please comment below or send a note to Miss Frank if you can help out or with any ideas you may have. Also, you can click here to sign up online. Thank you!

10/24 Update: We are all set for treats (thank you!), but need plates, cups (which I forgot to put on the note), napkins, and another beverage! We also need volunteers and ideas.

10/25 Update: Thank you everyone for stepping up! All we need now are napkins and another beverage. I also got an activity idea from a teacher from another school, so we are all set with ideas. We could still use parent volunteers to do it, though.

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  1. i will bring juice and cookies shelly paramo